Credit card debts happen to be huge problems that consumers worry about and if you are one of these consumers, you are probably trying to get rid of your debts right now.

Recent consumer credit reports have shown that revolving credit has already fallen by 18.5%, the majority of which is made up of credit card debts that fell by 13.7 billion dollars.

Revolving credit seems to have been steadily declining since the end of 2008 and has gone through declines that adjusted between 7.3 – 9.7% in every quarter. The massive drop last November could improve this quarterly scope, but it would depend on how things go next quarter. As of now, a revised amount shows more drops in revolving credit.

A continuous decline in credit card debt shows that a lot of consumers have taken surveys that indicate just how much people try to depend more on debit cards and cash now. However, this might not be sufficient as default account rates and delinquency keep getting higher.

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