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Credit Cards Still Taking Fees on Donations to Haiti

Companies of credit cards are being asked to waive the 3% in processing fees for the Haitian earthquake relief efforts that they have been taking whenever their users put their credit cards to use.

Rep. Betsy Markey has therefore asked these companies to guarantee that all of this money from transaction fees actually reaches the people they are meant for while waiving regular credit card transaction fees on Haiti donations. People worldwide have seen the horrible images of this natural disaster and this could be the one thing that companies of credit cards could do to actually make a huge difference in people’s lives who need them.

American Express has already announced that fees would be rebated to around 65 agencies that were collecting for relief in Haiti. The same thing was also done for 2004′s tsunami in Asia.

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Credit Card Debts Fall

Credit card debts happen to be huge problems that consumers worry about and if you are one of these consumers, you are probably trying to get rid of your debts right now.

Recent consumer credit reports have shown that revolving credit has already fallen by 18.5%, the majority of which is made up of credit card debts that fell by 13.7 billion dollars.

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Why Credit Card Companies Keep Raising Their Interest Rates

Are you unhappy with the interest rate of your credit card? If so, be patient – or so the Better Business Bureau says.

Credit card holders have been voicing concern about these high rates over the World Wide Web for months now, making several companies take notice and make drastic changes by raising their rates even more.

This might not make sense at first glance but it seems that these companies are preparing for the brand new federal regulations regarding credit cards which will come into effect next month, among which are fee limits and interest rate restrictions.

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